Our Company

Advance Infosys Sdn Bhd was established in 2002 when Information technology became more relevant in modern businesses and organizations. Started with a small team, the company has grown over the last 15 years to a team size of more than 18 consultants, which each having their expertise in various areas of technologies and industries.

As one of the initial Microsoft Certified Partners, Advance Infosys has transformed from being a ‘horizontal’ solution provider to one of the leading solution delivery partners focusing on Manufacturing and Distribution solutions, specializing in process and discrete manufacturing industries such as Chemical, Pigmentation, Rubber products, Paper products and Consumer Plastic manufacturing industries.

With focused teams dedicated in solution delivery, technical development and customer supports, Advance Infosys has continually strived to achieve excellence in project quality and delivery to meet customer satisfaction.

Our Values

We define Professionalism as being professional in ethics, conduct and delivery. Advance Infosys adopts Professionalism as being the core of the Company’s values.

We believe being passionate about our works will consistently deliver a higher work results and higher customer satisfaction.

Human Asset Development
Our consultants and members of the company are essential assets of the company. We consistently encourage our “assets” to upgrade their knowledge and information bank, irrespective of work and personal related.

Work-Life Balance
Given the demands of a working lifestyle are heavy for everyone, there will be situations where personal demands may affect working requirements. We encourage our staffs to learn to organize and prioritize while providing sufficient resources and working methods to support work-life balance.

“Passion is the genesis of genius”

Tony Robbins


We help our clients transform their business into dynamic business initiatives to adapt with today’s ever-changing business environment. Through our engagement, we share our knowledge, expertise without bias or prejudice, and guide our customers with a comprehensive and logical plan to execute and achieve the desired results.

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