Our Mission and Values

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With focus teams dedicated in Solution delivery, technical development and customer support, Advance Infosys has continually strive to achieve excellence in quality project solutioning, delivery and customer satisfaction.

In short, Professionalism means being professional in ethics, conduct and delivery and Advance Infosys adopts this value as being the Core of the Company’s Values.

Completing this Core Value, we have also listed complementary core values that is part of the Company’s DNA.


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We help our clients transform their business into dynamic business initiatives to adapt with today’s ever-changing business environment.

Through our engagement, we share our knowledge, expertise without bias or prejudice, and guide our customers with a comprehensive and logical plan to execute and achieve the desired results.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do.”

Delivery Method

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Microsoft Dynamics product family is currently the main flagship solution of Advance Infosys as it is able to deliver the depth and width of functionalities to cater to most industries, especially for the Small and Medium size Businesses and Industries (SMB/SME).

To be experts and be a leading edge in Business solutioning, mean having to have the utmost confidence the tools used. Microsoft Dynamics NAVs have proven to be this tool and demonstrated its ability to scale and customise to meet every unique requirements of the customers.


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Passion is the genesis of genius

Tony Robbins

Being passionate about your work will consistently deliver a higher work result and higher customer satisfaction.

Asset Development

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Our consultants and members of the company are essentially our assets of the company. We consistently encourage our “assets” to upgrade their knowledge and information bank, irrespective of work and personal related

We believe in developing a personal and professional career plan for every member and organises human capital initiatives such as management and subject focus courses and NLP-related courses to help each and every member of the company.

Work Life Balance

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Given the demands of a working lifestyle are heavy for every staff, there will be situations where personal demands may affect working requirements. We encourage our staff to learn to organise and prioritse while providing sufficient resources and working methods to support this Balance.

By incorporating these values into the culture of Advance Infosys, we hope to make our company a final destination for every working professional as well as for our customers.