Electronic Document Distribution

Connects your document workflow processes to deliver your communications accurately to the right people at the right time. Allowing businesses to simplify and improve their business processes saving up to a day a week!


“This Electronic Document Distribution provides a much better customer experience and makes our life easier in terms of time spent processing documents.”

TMC Iberia

“Implementing this Electronic Document Distribution has helped us to streamline processes, save money and improve our service to our customers – we wouldn’t be without it.”


Transform The Look Of Outgoing Documents

  1. Digital signature applied
  2. Incorporates full color design with logo and corporate branding
  3. Relevant data extracted from your ERP
  4. 256 bit document encryption
  5. Automatically change language files
  6. Terms and conditions automatically added
  7. Pay now button added to invoice

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Paper reduce cost and save time in paperwork processing
  • Real time data retrieving reduce risk of human errors
  • Efficient document distribution
  • Personalized and branded template
  • Legal compliance with electronic document requirements
  • Reduce document security risks
  • No complex set-up maintenance
  • Flexibility for every department


Digital Identity Keys

  • You can password protect sensitive documents such as pay slips and other confidential information.
  • Digitally sign your PDF documents to verify your identity.


  • When documents are distributed, they are automatically archived and can be viewed using the Document Search Tool by searching with the document number, transaction type, date and more.

Distribute To Multiple Contacts

  • If you need to send the same document to more than one recipient, additional recipients can be copied into emails or the same document can be attached to a separate email with a tailored message.

Send in Batch

  • Send documents in batches or individually via multiple channels (ie. email, print fax or to archive). Include additional documents with your electronic correspondence such as related invoices with statements, delivery instructions, remittance advices, terms and conditions of purchase, promotional offers, quotations, sales orders and more.

Pay Now

  • Get paid faster by adding ‘Pay Now’, your customers can securely pay you online using your chosen payment provider.
  • Automatically adds ‘Pay Now’ buttons to invoices, pro forma invoices and statements for secure online payments.
  • Supports multi-currency payments.


  • Compatible with Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Can be used in Jet Reports to create and distribute customized reports


  • Automatically ‘copied’ additional recipients into email communications to improve communication
  • Automatically archive documents to a specified network location, SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Brand Identification

  • Electronic Document Distribution is ideal if you work with different types of customers, across different countries or brands. It has the ability to automatically switch templates, language files and different attachments to suit requirements.
  • You can easily add different templates for your documents with full color backdrops and incorporating your full branding. You can add promotional messages which can be tailored specifically to different customer groups.
  • Sender’s email address can be customized to ensure emails are sent from a central email address, for example: accounts@company.com

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