NAV Easy Security

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NAV Easy Security makes it very easy to set up roles and permissions for multiple users across multiple companies on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform


"The time to set up a role manually could take up to 2 hours, but with NAV Easy Security, it takes 5 minutes, and 90-95% of the tasks were accurate after only one recording. “

Wood Group GTS Power Plant Services

“The number one thing is the amount of detail you can get on Easy Security and the ease at which you can set roles up”

Marine Harvest


User Permission Log in

Use Permissions as User ID

Assign multiple permission sets in multiple companies

Add related permissions to permission sets

Assign Permission and access through Window Group

Users can have access directly assigned or as part of groups using Active Directory.

User can work with permissions offline and publish their work after completed

Field-Level Security

Hide and protect data from unwanted mistakes

Simple and easy way in setting access limit to critical objects, eg. G/L entries

Automated adjustment on the permission of remainder objects

Save your database for future activities

Recorder capture all permissions include changes made to the permission when user access to the application

Built-in Source Code Analyzer accelerates process of creating and updating roles without multiple costly trials

User can roll back to previous permissions and history through Restore Point

Enable data transfer in between live database and test databases


Multi-language supports include English, German, Spanish, French, Danish and Dutch language packs and Italian, Portuguese (releasing soon)

Works with all application versions running 3.70 executable or later

No modifications or merge required

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