SugarSell - CRM for Selling

Make Every Sales Rep a Top Performer

The real power of SugarSell is in the story that it tells — about your customers, your company and the future of your business. It’s the customer experience solution to use when you want to empower every employee with the right information, at the right time, before they even ask.


Customer decision making is based on how they are being treated 


Customers will pay more for a better buying experience


Customers leave a brand that fails to meet their expectation on service


Customers have came across an excellent  customer experience

SugarSell - CRM For Selling

Customer experience has never been more important to business success. SugarSell, the CRM For Selling enables business to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable solution on the market.

Tracking activities and business processes along the customer journey enables companies to deliver more seamless customer experiences by advising front line employees where customers are in every stage of the customer journey and clearly indicating their needs and expectations at any point in time.

CRM for Selling - Sales & Lead Management

Key Feature #1: Sales Lead Management

  • Automatically capture leads across multiple channels and convert leads to opportunities quickly. 
  • Automate the lead hand-off process by pre-defined business route to assign the lead to the correct salesperson.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness based on a variety of attributes, including leads created, new opportunities, closed-won deals, win rate and more. 
  • Replicate successful campaigns in a few simple steps.

Key Feature #2:
Customer Journey Management

  • Enabling businesses to more effectively focus employee actions on the needs of the customer at any point in time.
  • Record and monitor every interaction you have with your customers. 
  • Track your customer’s progress through the evaluation, selection, purchasing and on-boarding steps.
  • Automate customer journey mapping processes.
  • Ensure everyone is working together and is informed about what actions to take at every step along the way. 
  • Accelerate the customer’s progress, deliver improved satisfaction and enable your employees to stay on top of their game and get a win-win for everyone.
CRM for Selling - Customer Journey

Key Feature #3: Sales Forecasting

  • Get real-time visibility and track your top performers. 
  • Easily track team progress from a single CRM forecast worksheet, assign quotas and guide your team. 
  • Incorporate revenue line item records to build forecasting worksheets and predict sales. 
  • Track and build relationships with customers who buy a variety of products or services in recurring, extended, or staggered purchase cycles.
CRM for Selling

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