Shop Floor Manufacturing

Shop floor is generally defined as the area in a manufacturing facility where assembly or production is carried out, either by an automated system or by workers or a combination of both. The shop floor may include equipment, inventory and storage areas. Shop floor manufacturing module comprises the systems used to prioritize, track, and report against production orders and schedules.

Automating process for efficiency

Every industry’s shop floor is defined by the control and measurement objective of the process besides the basic tracking and measurement of inventory production output such as current resource status, labor and machine usage. Shop floor control typically calculates work in process based on a percentage of completion for each order and operation that is useful in inventory valuations and materials planning.

Quality measurements, timekeeping, design reference are also essential features of the shop-floor module. As each industry measures productivity differently, therefore their shop floor must be able to handle different needs.

We have developed vertical shop floor add-ons by industry to facilitate the objective above. This is done within the manufacturing solution and most importantly, removes the need for any legacy system integration or with third party solutions playing a similar role. This maximises the investment’s return for every customer and yet delivering the possibility of future enhancements as a result of future needs.


Our shop floor module add-on can be integrated with our bar coding solution add on, again developed within the manufacturing solution. This allows seamless interaction between add-on modules with other core modules such as warehouse and inventory management.

Shop Floor Manufacturing Module 1

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