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Discrete Manufacturing

In the industry of Discrete Manufacturing such as Furniture, Automobile, Smartphone, Computer and etc, the availability of inventory and the disparate production process is critical, hence understand the key measurement and control points for discrete manufacturing is essential.

General discrete manufacturing process include:

  • Materials and products are physically distinct
  • Uses Build of Materials (BOM) to manage scrap of material
  • Apply single unit of measure
  • Tracking by serial number
  • Quality Control at the end of the process stage
  • Direct assembly process
  • Replenishment and inter-site transfers
Manufacturing Solutions for SME
Manufacturing Solutions for SME

Resolve Critical Manufacturing Challenges With Microsoft Manufacturing Solutions

With the ever demanding market in discrete manufacturing industry, it is the norm for businesses to constantly review and improve their operational processes and performance through technology. Microsoft Manufacturing Solutions for SME is especially designed to help SME businesses to innovate a manufacturing system that is best-suited to the company manufacturing operation and hence continue to meet the customer satisfaction.

Challenge #1: Maximizing Production and Ensuring High Product Quality

Product Quality Management

Every time the product quality is found not satisfied and rejected by the customers, you have no choice but to redo. Each time this happens, you put your production goals at risk and cut even further into your profits.

Product Quality Management

You know the amount of waste and scrap derives huge production cost but it is hard to prevent and minimize as traditional quality assurance process has limited capability to validate product quality, hence your company is always found erring on the side of caution and discarding more finished products than you would like.

Identify Production Planning problems

  • Lack of shopfloor data visibility
  • Over optimistic scheduling - did not factoring in possible downtime
  • Reactive maintenance for asset management
  • No clear understanding of capacity
  • Minimal continuous improvement planning
  • Using outdated technology to manage planning - using Excel
microsoft warehouse management solution

Challenge #2: Maintaining the Right Inventory Levels

Keeping Extra Safety Stock

To prevent inventory stockouts, you always have to carry extra safety stock. But this increases costs and cuts into profit margins.

Inventory Traceability

You are forced to devote significant human effort to tedious stock counting just to keep track of your inventory levels. But the result is always inaccurate because it is almost inevitable to establish comprehensive inventory traceability system when you are keeping records manually on paper.

Challenge #3: Optimizing Inefficient Processes

You found there are other causes for the wasted staff time that inevitably reduces your manufacturing output:-

  • Manufacturing Team wasted too much time performing manual machinery checks and keeping paper records
  • IT Team spent hours to  maintain hardware and software
  • Purchasing and Shipping Departments being overly rely on costly expedited shipping services

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